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Series HGW

Balancing Machine for Drive Shafts

  • Simple and safe operation
  • Modular design for various applications
  • Comprehensive protective and safety equipment for operators, machine and environment
  • High measurement accuracy through microprocessor-controlled measuring unit

Range of application

Horizontal, hard-bearing balancing machines series HGW are designed especially for low- and high-speed balancing of drive shafts in overhaul, repair operations and small production lots. A modular design provides flexibility to change or add components for other balancing tasks such as balancing electric armatures, drums, etc.


Hard-bearing special balancing machine with horizontal rotor axis and semi-automatic operation.
The machine consists basically of: machine base, support pedestals with spindle bearings and vibration sensors, belt-drive with drive motor, control cabinet with measuring unit and drive controls, safety brackets and protective enclosure of the class C according to ISO 7475.
Informations complémentaires
1 Balancing machine2 Switch cabinet Plan view (non-binding example)

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